“Vision is an ideal solution for Pharmaceutical companies”

For over 10 years that we have been using the E-12 ERP which served the purpose in terms of validated document and automated Reports including Business Analytics / MIS Reports.

In these 10 years we could configure all the changes in the taxes and business rules without any major customisation. We have recently upgraded to Vision ERP, which is the latest technology and comes with a lot of useful  features that are not available in other ERP including artificial intelligence capabilities. Vision is an ideal solution for Pharmaceutical companies in India.

June 2019

Gaurav Sharma

GM -IT, Umesh Modi Group

Amish Parikh  has more  25 years of extensive experience in IT Operations Management, SAP Implementation, Infrastructure Management and Business Process Management mainly in to the Pharmaceutical sector. This is what he has to say about Vision.

I have found Proteus Vision as the best fit for the mid sized Indian pharmaceutical industry, providing all the functionality that is typically required but with the flexibility and simplicity of usage .
… Jan 2019


Amish Parikh

Independent Consultant , Ahmedabad

We are in the business that requires a lot personal interaction with our customers & influencers (HCPs) using Proteus Vision’s SFA, our team is able to identify, & satisfy their needs, this enables us to maximise our companies value proposition, this job is not easy but the right tools help in achieving!

Proteus Vision SFA, is one of such tools!

Mukesh Deshmukh

VP-Marketing , IPC