Vision - The New Mobility Paradigm

A new paradigm that enhances the capability of enterprise solutions, using mobile devices. Leading to increased productivity and process compliance. With mobile devices, business processes can now be automated to include sensory and other information like images, GPS position, temperature, humidity, scan barcodes, connectivity with devices using Bluetooth.

Mobility in Vision empowers your workforce by providing them access to information and corporate systems, when and where they require it the most, at their place of work, while they are executing their tasks. Give them the power of accessing information at their place of work, instantaneously; get them to perform tasks and report as they execute their work

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Available in Android and iOS

Designed for the device

Your Vision mobile experience is designed to use the “touch” on a small screen size and the additional features of your mobile device making it a more productive than your desktop. 


The device camera is a versatile tool for the enterprise, take pictures of documents, products, directly from the Vision app.


Image AI

Apply artificial intelligence on images captured by Vision to interpret and analyse for your business automation. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is helping vision users to learn and execute transactions in warehouses, visualisation at store fronts, provide maintenance teams with visually aided instructions.


Notifications and Alerts

Get alerts and Notifications on your mobile device and take an action right from the notification


Security can be configured to provide device-specific access. It integrates with your devices biometrics, Pin Code or pattern recognition. Vision comes with a 2-factor authentication to secure access to your information.

Vision Assistant

Do a lot more with Vision Assistant, get your queries answered, place orders, apply for leave and a lot more 

Get Connected

Use the Vision app to connect to devices and sensors to get realtime information through Bluetooth and NFC. 

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