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Vision Advanced Search

The Vision search engine has been enhanced to provide you with a “Google”-like search experience, allowing you to scan and search information across the entire enterprise, including documents uploaded to Vision.

If you remember only one aspect of a transaction, such as the amount of 1500 in a Purchase order, Vision search will return all transactions in which 1500 appears.

With Vision Search, you can now search within PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, text documents, and other types of documents.

You can search for a ‘Torex’ across all attachments and transactions to get a list of attachments and transactions that contain the word “Torex.”

If you need to add a transporter but can’t remember how, type “transporter” in the search box and you’ll be directed to the Transporter master.

Vision continues to offer a search by date range as well as a variety of filters.



Vision erp Advace Search