Proteus WMS Solutions

Proteus WM

Proteus WMS enhances your warehouse operations by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment and reducing order cycle time It enables you to effectively plan your day- to day operations so that they can be performed with optimized resources. Proteus Warehouse management solution is a highly configurable and provides flexibility to adapt to your changing needs of business.

Proteus WMS solutions can be easily configured to meet special requirements like extensive control and tracking mandated by pharmaceutical, food and beverages industries or complex SKU definitions for apparel and garment industry.

Order Management

Manage customer specific shipping and fulfillment rules. Plan and prioritize shipment of orders.

Tasks Management

Proteus manages replenishment, picking, packing and shipping tasks optimizing the resources. System directed tasks help in increasing the productivity of the warehouse staff.


Configure Proteus to manage a simple inbound process or a complex constraint and rule based inbound and putaways. Out of the box integration with supplier systems and ERP help reduce errors associated with multiple documentation

Quality Assurance

The QC module can be used to build inventory “holds” and locks , that can be released through a QC release process. Rules can be build to restrict movement of goods based on the different locks and holds.


Integrate with service providers and incorporate shipping rules and meet labeling requirement of your customers

Inventory Management

Batch traceability, shelf life tracking, special storage requirement, inventory adjustments and system directed cycle counting are features available out of the box in Proteus WM