Put Away

Protues WM has provisions for a system directed put-away. Rules can be defined in the system to move material from staged receiving locations to final storage locations based on the predefined rules.

It supports, Pallet, Case and active put-away . Put away tasks can be a single stage or multi drop put-away and Cross docking.

The rules engine suggests’ an optimal put away location for that material. The location is decided by the system based on the nature of the product, zone , storage restrictions, volume and weight constraint and other parameters. Users may specify the putaway sequence or use the system's suggested sequence.

During the process of the put away, the user will be asked to confirm certain information about the material being put away such as the Quantity, UOM, Put away location, and lot.

Cross Dock

The cross dock feature facilitates warehouse mangers to directly move products from the inbound dock to the outbound location eliminating a putaway stage. On receipt of products the system identifies orders that need to be cross-docked so that “rush orders’ are efficiently dispatched