Inventory Maintenance

Proteus WM has a number of tools that allow users to carry our typical inventory house keeping .

De allocation of inventory allocated for picking, replenishment or to an order. Merging of pallets for space utilization. Transfer cases/ cartons between pallets.

In events of erroneous product placements in locations the system allows users to execute a stock transfer between locations.

Adhoc inventory adjustments with authorization and workflows for approvals.

Manage shelf life of inventory.

Cycle Count & verification

In order to verify that the physical stock and system stock are identical it is required to undertake an inventory verification process.

In order to achieve this, the system creates a random cycle count order. The selection of the product for the cycle count depends on the classification of the product(ABC) and the periodicity of the cycle count requirement .

Zero confirmations are opportunistic counts performed by warehouse operators during the course of normal day-to-day warehouse operations. Similar to cycle counts, zero counts are recorded as a valid cycle count and can be used for meeting the minimum slot and SKU count requirements of the program.

The system also creates a Zero confirmation cycle count order for all products and inventory locations which recorded a zero inventory on the previous day /(shift).

A cycle count “locks” all transactions for the item or a location till the order is completed.