WMS for eCommerce

Ecommerce companies handle large volumes of products and multiple SKUs daily. Prioritizing order execution as per customer specification is of utmost importance. Real time inventory visibility, seamless integration with payment gateways & backbone ERP are vital for managing operations.
Proteus Warehouse Management offers a Cloud based solution that help E-commerce companies take their operations to next level of excellence

• Real time integration with ecommerce platform, payment gateways, backbone ERP and Carrier Company.
• Inventory Visibility: Gives instant idea about storing space occupancy.
• Material handling on LIFO, FIFO or FEFO basis.
• Carton size selection on ‘Best fit’ basis at the time of Pick and Pack wave generation.
• Email intimation to customer on dispatch status.
• Handles Reverse Sales Cycle along with creation and tracking of Replacement Order.
• Periodic inventory housekeeping.
• Scalable solution keeps pace with increasing business demands.