Wave Planning

Wave planning in Protues WM breaks down an eligible pool of orders into a subset or a batch of orders that can be managed effectively across the picking, packing, and shipping activities.

The system generates pick orders based on how the orders have to be shipped , shipment route, LTL, customer defined instructions based on shipment locations, volume, weight, value and other parameters, the wave generation ensures that the resources are optimized to meet the routing requirement of the shipment.

Tasks created by wave planning

  • Create replenishment tasks
  • Identify the size and the number of cases required for an order based on volume and weight of the order
  • Create Pick tasks by identifying the most optimal package size to fulfill the order
  • Create Shipment tasks for dock transfer and shipment loading to trucks
  • Print the case labels
  • Picking slip
  • Print the packing slip
  • Print the shipping labels