With the advent of Sales Force Automation software (SFA) business solution, Pharma and FMCG organizations are keeping up with the industry trends, market updates in a better manner. Vision SFA solution helps sales team with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online contact management, lead tracking, Daily Sales Report (DSR).

Vision SFA is available on-demand (Pay As You Go) for Pharma and FMCG organizations. Vision SFA is highly customizable to meet client demand without high fees for development, maintenance, support. Using Vision SFA organizations can focus on their Go To Market strategy in a better manner to deliver unique value proposition to customer and achieve competitive advantage. SFA software is useful for updating and managing essential information of customers in pharma and FMCG segment. Sales person can submit Daily Sales Report using Vision SFA even when he is offline or at remote locations with no network coverage.

Key Benefits

Faster submission of daily activities performed.
No data duplicacy.
Easy to use application for sales professionals.
Cost effective software.
Customer contact management.
Faster expense processing.
Capture insight of what is happening in the market.
WAR (Weekly Activity Report) readily available.
Point and click interface on both web and mobile. Negligible thumbing.



Platform Independent

Knowing that sales team is always on the move, it is imperative to make application available for them to access anytime from anywhere; Proteus offers cloud based SFA which is available on demand for salesperson. Vision SFA is available on Android and iOS smart devices. Apart from mobile phones, solution is also available on major browsers. We ensure Vision SFA is equipped to latest versions of technology release.

Daily Call Report (DCR)

Daily Sales Reporting (DSR) / DCR is the essence of SFA system and hence Vision SFA empowers users with Doctor, Retailer and Stockiest reporting. User can pull all past customer wise meeting details on a single click, this helps sales officer to take strategic step before going in for the meeting. Vision SFA also has ad hoc reporting facility to capture the meeting done with unlisted customers.


Know Your Customer(KYC)

Vision SFA comes with built in Strategic Customer Module to empower users with profiling customer details to a very minute level. This module facilitates salesperson to have all the information of customer ready with them and can be fetched on a single click.


Availability of data in user understandable form is critical for the success of any CRM Sales Force Automation tool. Vision SFA presents data in a graphical format on the dashboard. Dashboard has Target Vs Achievement, Qualitics, Expense Processing, Leave Management, Event Module, Customer Meeting Trend, Brand Performance, Customers Planned VS Actual Met as built-in components. These components give real time insight to sales person, so that they don't miss out on anything. Having data graphically available with users helps them to assess situation and act on it faster.



To achieve organizational goals, it is of utmost importance to have plans laid out and executed timely. Vision SFA comes with the same philosophy. Vision SFA allows users to make weekly/fortnightly/monthly tour plans. These plans can be replicated for following days, if required, to avoid redundant job of making same plan all over again. System intuitively understands the plans made and proffers user to follow the plan at the time of DCR.

Sales Module

With Vision SFA user can record orders booked and calculate the sale. It is important to know excess inventory left in distributor's warehouse. Vision SFA has the provision to enter the closing stock at distributor. This helps capture secondary sales of the month.
System also has the facility to record product samples given to customers. Sales person can capture customer remark / complain / compliment / suggestions.



In a cut-throat competitive environment, it is very important to have teams separated geographically be connected to share market know how. To address this area, Vision SFA comes with Sahyog module for teams to connect with each other on a common platform. Sahyog module allows users to make groups as per geography, division, etc. Product documents, videos, ideas can be shared on those groups.
Sahyog empowers salesperson to share market feedback about the product. For organization, retailers is consumer's representative as he engages directly with them and receives feedback about the product. With Vision SFA, you can do the surveys of retailers to know the product feedback.

BPM(Business Process Management)

Vision SFA has built-in workflow / BPM tool to automate leave requests, expense processes. With BPM, request initiator can monitor status of the request put. These requests can be approved, rejected or reverted with remarks, if required. Leave can be requested from the system itself.
Expense reimbursement is one of the critical part for any sales person. Vision SFA handles expenses 'At actual' and 'Fixed' both the types. System processes expenses submitted and it goes to FLM for approval. Sales person can track its status on dashboard.


Map View

Vision SFA is integrated with Google Map for tracking the location of the sales person. Location will be recorded as the user submits DCR.

Inventory Visibility

Product inventory at retail store needs to be captured to gauge the product demand in the market. Vision SFA has the facility to record closing stock of the product at retail store. Gifts, samples, other promotional items distributed to customer can be captured in Vision SFA system.


Display Capturing

The placement of a product i.e. Depth And Display(Dn'D) in a shop can make a crucial difference to its sale. Companies are no longer content merely to book an order with the retailer, but they are more interested in ensuring that their product is on display and visible to the shopper. Companies also invest heavily in giving promotional items such as stickers, danglers, gifts for brand recall. With Vision SFA, user can capture the actual product placement at retailer. This helps organization assess if the investment is well spent.


Qualitative Analysis of the sales call is important and Vision SFA does it for you. Call can be categorized as Very Positive, Negative, Refused, Below Average, Average.