Proteus Mobility solutions allows you to re-engineer you processes, build your processes based on “where it happens”, be it your sales force, shop floor personnel, maintenance crew, quality assurance, warehouse personnel.

Mobility empowers your workforce by providing them access to information and corporate systems, when and where they require it the most, at their place of work, while they are executing their tasks. Give them the power of accessing information at their place of work, instantaneously; get them to perform tasks and report as they execute their work
Business processes in the past have been designed around a desktop and a “back office”. You had to get your approvals from the office, fill up forms and task sheets at your office and get status and information on request from your back office to complete.

The penetration of smart phones and the omnipresent availability of Internet have changed how applications and business processes are designed. PC based Systems were designed with deep menus for navigations, while mobility solutions are task oriented and have to be designed so that users can access relevant information in one or two taps on the mobile device.

With mobile devices business processes can now be automated to include sensory and other information like images, GPS position, temperature, humidity, scan barcodes, credit card payments

Mobility areas addressed by Proteus

Field force automation
Applications for the Sales and service staff to help them to plan and complete their tasks and record their activity.
Warehouse management.
Audit and Compliance.
Workflow solutions.