Pharmaceutical ERP

Best ERP Software for Pharmaceuticals Industries – A path towards Successful Organization

The pharmaceutical industry is an important source of health care. Hence it is a highly regulated sector. In pharmaceutical companies there are various business processes. In almost all the segments there are unique challenges to tackle. A perfect pharmaceutical ERP is the one which can look after all operations right from Receiving orders to Sales. The ERP software for Pharmaceutical Companies can deliver power, scalability and robust functionality. It provides a strong foundation for a Pharmaceutical company's success.

Here are some benefits of ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical companies are huge and are divided into various departments. Efficient operation calls for effective integration across the departments. This enables better collaboration and communications. Using a pharmaceutical ERP software will help you to integrate various platforms in a single location. With this software, you are allowed to know your customers at one place.

Quality Management

The software streamlines the entire production process so that the final products are more likely to meet quality requirements before reaching the external market. It enforces quality control throughout the manufacturing process to prevent the manufacturing of defective products and to ensure compliance with customer demands and regulatory requirements.

Inventory Control

Using a pharmaceutical ERP solution in your business will help the inventory control processes. Having the right amount of inventory at a particular time can be decisive for success and if inventory management is improved, waste can be decreased.

Reduced operational expense

An ERP software system offers accuracy and automation that together reduce operational and administrative costs without cutting corners. It also manages efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources to accelerate productivity and success.

Improves the Sales Process

ERP helps in the various sales process. ERP offers a host of values to enterprise managers, however, at the front-end of the value chain the sales department are in a unique position to receive the rewards of the system.
A Pharmaceuticals ERP Solution can help manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to effortlessly track all of their properties while at the same time optimize and improve other business processes. Proteus Vision ERP is a complete solution that helps pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage business processes, even at the time of market volatility. We have a wide range of the software available for various services and companies. The software is a suite of various modules which are relevant for managing various departments of a pharma company like manufacturing, Supply chain management, Finance, HR-Payroll, Mobile & Web reporting. It has a robust architecture, user-friendly features and industry specific functionality which helps to boost productivity and simplifies operations.